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Yogipreneur Secrets Vault
 February 29th-March 4th

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Attention Yoga Teachers!
Are you ready to elevate your teaching journey to new heights?

Join our LIVE & interactive Yogipreneur Secrets challenge and discover the keys in finding your dream students for your first or next yoga retreat in just 5 days!
This immersive experience is designed for emerging yoga teachers venturing into the world of lifestyle entrepreneurship. Take charge of your business aspirations and witness exponential growth in student registrations 
in just 5 days!

Set aside 5 days to grow your yoga business and secure your future! 
Receive Bend it like Buddha Yoga Algarve guidance in establishing a self-sustaining business model that withstands economic fluctuations.

Say goodbye to corporate and hello to a lucrative opportunity to share your passion on yoga retreats while making a positive impact on the world!
 Learn the effective yet nuanced Bend it like Buddha Yoga challenge framework and propel your yoga retreats to unparalleled success!
Don't miss out on this transformative opportunity. 
This is a one time event!
This is during our winter season before running our successful back to back retreats this summer in Portugal.

Since 2017 we have been consistently running several successful retreats in Algarve Portugal every year!
 Sign up now to learn from a team of over 10 years experience in running successful retreats! 

Calling new YOGA TEACHERS and HEALERS who want to advance their yogic wisdom, teach yoga confidently,  attract best fit clients and make at least $10,000 per Yoga retreat and Yoga challenge 

Join us as we embark on a 5-day LIVE journey that will show you exactly how to grow your brand,  just like Bend it like Buddha Yoga, Algarve did to a
33,000+  student list

L. Farrah Furtado E RYT 500 is the owner of Bend it like Buddha Yoga Algarve: Certified 1000+ Yoga Teachers online and in Taiwan, Mysore, Goa, Bali and Portugal

L. Farrah Furtado E RYT 500 has facilitated 50+ Profitable Online and In Person Yoga Journeys since March 2020
when most Yoga studios and gyms were forced to closed their doors!!

We did all of this on the back of
 a iron clad framework of
Yoga Challenges!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


Do you have a heart of gold?

Do you struggle with technology and want to feel more confident posting
your live yoga classes online…

Do you want to advance your yoga practice but lack the free time?

Do you want to help people through yoga… make an impact and spread hope, inspiration and positive vibes into your community?

Do you want to quit your 9-5 job and be an independent and self-sustainable Yoga business? 

Do you want to gain unstoppable confidence from taking your vision and turning it into a profitable and life changing retreat that your clients will be raving about?

Do you want to deepen your knowledge in the ancient and powerful practice of Yoga and share it to others in your community?

Do you feel anxious and feel like an imposter teaching yoga but LOVE Yoga and want to share this profound and sacred practice?

Do you want to live authentically, passionately, creatively and aligned with your Life Purpose?

                    It was divinely planned for you to be here; this is the journey for you!!                              

Why Suffer? 

Learn How To Opt-Out Of the world's economy and Opt-In to

Higher 5D HEART Frequencies and into your own Yoga Lifestyle business economy!

    If this resonates this is the course for you!

L. Farrah Furtado E RYT 500 Hr, founder of 
Bend it like Buddha Yoga Algarve has also been Featured below;

Finally discover the roadmap to leaving your unfulfilling 9-5 job into
your own yoga retreat business!
Say goodbye to your boss
without giving up your payday.

Learn the 
secrets to thriving in a 
yoga retreat business now
Without wasting years and thousands of dollars to get there!


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Kino MacGregor 
Founder of Omstars—the world’s first yoga TV network. With over 1 million followers on Instagram and over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube and Facebook
Join her Yogipreneur presentation as she tackles the importance of yoga teachers pivoting online, also into the Hybrid model for 2024 and 2025.

You simply can't afford to miss this LIVE 5 day Journey where you will learn exactly

Turn your Yoga Expertise from not just something that you practice, but feeling ecstatic and fueling it into a movement your like minded students highly desire to be a part of...step into your power as a visible and confident yoga teacher online.

→ Turn your generic sales copy into highly converting movement-based messaging, that attracts and grows YOUR yoga tribe. 

Launch any retreat in any Health and Wellness micro-niche to get a waterfall of new, excited students efficiently in less than 5 Days, no matter how 'saturated' the market is...

And For the Yogipreneurs With Proven Offers...

Learn how to GROW TO 6 FIGURES with the power of movement-based messaging and effective online delivery that speaks to the language of your unique students resonance and vibe!

We receive DAILY student THANKS from entrepreneur Yogis who have launched paid online and In Person  yoga retreats and courses using our effective Yoga challenge frameworks, which you will learn ABSOLUTELY FREE in this 5-day Journey!!

Get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to this live training valued at $997 
LIVE & Interactive, Transformative Training
 February 29th-March 4th, 2024

In this transformational live and interactive learning experience we will share with you Bend it like Buddha's 'Yogipreneur' Playbookfull of little-known secrets that have allowed us to massively grow 200% in just 3 months!

From a complete unknown industry outsider to now Yoga Retreat Expert.

From $0 sales online to a whopping 6-figures-a-year revenue since March 2020 in just our first full year online using yoga challenges.
2020 was the year that many gyms, yoga studios and schools shut down for good. 
Bend it like Buddha Yoga Algarve expanded because of the Yoga challenge
framework and we will teach it to you too absolutely for FREE! 
Join to learn how to grow your paying clients and yoga students.

That's me, top left: L. Farrah Furtado holding space in one of my Yoga Micro Niches.

2020-2024 Were  Years That May Have Slowed Or Even Wiped Out Your Yoga Business!

However, 2020-2024 is also the year that EXPLODED 
in enrollments for Bend It Like Buddha Yoga Algarve Retreats!

Let us show you how we did it and how we will keep doing it with Yoga Challenges!

Join Us Daily In The Upcoming  Live and Interactive Training 

4PM Replays available
Lisbon/London Time Zone

February 29th - March 4th, 2024


→Previous RYT 200Hr /RYT 300Hr certified Yoga Teacher graduates have paid over 1000 Euros for what is in this FREE Yogipreneur Secrets Vault.

Transformational Well-Being and ancient practices that Bend it like Buddha Yoga Algarve covers in the advanced, accredited Yoga Alliance RYT 500 certification course such as Breathwork Journey and advanced Pranayama as taught to Farrah Furtado for 4 consecutive years in Mysore, India by BNS Iyengar direct lineage of the Father of Modern Yoga Krishnamacharya.

The past couple of years has shown us how important self-care, mental health and well-being truly is. So to help you, you’ll develop habits and rituals that will keep you healthy, energized and in a high vibrational frequency.

We’ll have powerful, energizing sessions, that will include Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, and even Usui Reiki! Of course, FUN and community is a HUGE part of this! These are all critical to growing “you” as a person and growing your business as well. These sessions will make that happen for you.

Total Value of $997 NOW ALL FREE!! LIVE Training on How to Fill your Yoga Retreat in 5 Days!

What do the graduates of our YTTC yoga business trainings are 
Saying About Learning From Us?

Stage 3 bowel cancer survivor Angelica Alen graduated from our Bend it like Buddha Yoga Alliance RYT 200Hr certification training and completed our Breakthroughs Acceleration lifestyle business mentorship training while immediately launching her coaching business. Using the frameworks we taught her, she became a $100,000+  Yogipreneur in less than 1 year!

Still not sure if we can help you grow your yoga tribe or create and fill an impactful yoga retreat? See these RESULTS and INCREDIBLE testimonials, from our graduated students' clients when they used the intuitive frameworks that we we will teach you in the 5 Day Course for FREE!  

If You See Now Is The Time To Take Your Yoga Business 
to the NEXT Level, 
Then Enroll Today!

Much of the content in our 5 Day Yogipreneur Secrets Challenge is in our advanced 500 Hour Yoga Alliance accredited training. 
Start your advanced Yoga Alliance RYT 500 Hour now for FREE in our 5 Day challenge before Yoga Alliance RYT 500Hr goes back to 
only In Person and you have to pay an upwards of 4000+ Euros to be an Internationally Yoga Alliance E RYT 500Hour accredited and certified Yoga Teacher.

Take our FREE 5 Day Yogipreneur Secrets Challenge and get a head start on the advanced Yoga Teacher training!


Gain confidence and advance as a Yoga teacher while deepening your wisdom of Yoga.

Experience the flexibility in your own, self-sufficient and sustainable yoga lifestyle business   
as deepen your yoga knowledge. 
YOU LEARN to GROW YOUR TRIBE of yoga students online 
In just 5 Days!

Without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to get there!

The FREE Challenge starts February 29th, 2024

One Time Special Backstage pass available FOR YOU, JOIN TODAY!

When you sign up for FREE receive an Ebook Version of my 14x Amazon Best Seller, The Journey, Metamorphosis will be emailed to you as a BONUS so you can begin reading and learning how to launch your own yoga business even before the challenge begins!

Participants also Get the official Copy Of  ATHA GAMMA. Furtado's Award Winning Yoga Documentary Film! 
To Awaken And Inspire You Even More! 

Enroll Today And Let Us Show You How To Get Paying Online Yoga Students In 5 Days!


TIME SENSITIVE: Must enroll NOW to receive special Bonuses:

→ Win a chance to receive prizes such as the virtual Yoga Alliance advanced RYT 500 Hour in intermediate Ashtanga and Vinyasa and private mentoring. 
→White glove experience to get your launch strategy mapped out and done with you! 

→ Receive the Bend it like Buddha school's behind the scenes.

How to attract your dream avatar student, and 
like-minded Yogi Tribe into your online courses.


Namaste beautiful souls!
I am Farrah founder of Bend it like Buddha Yoga studio in Algarve, Portugal. I help Yoga Teachers, spiritual entrepreneurs and Wellness brands launch their movement, grow their student list and get paid for sharing their message without spending thousands to get there via the Bend it like Buddha Yoga challenges journey frameworks.

I have over ten years experience in marketing for international yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings. Founder of the Bend it like Buddha Yoga Blueprint a popular 200 Hour online Yoga teacher training portal and the producer of the multi-award winning documentary Atha Gamma, a film about the profound importance of the breath, yoga and mindfulness in daily living that was filmed during the yoga teacher 200H/300H in Mysore, India the source of traditional Ashtanga yoga.

 Hosted in -person and online retreats, yoga teacher training 200 Hour and 300 Hour advanced trainings for a 1000 students abroad since 2012 in Taiwan, Portugal, Mysore, Goa and Bali.

 +Multi-Amazon Best Selling Author of The Journey- Metamorphosis, a Yoga Teacher entrepreneur
training book for teachers interested in hosting yoga retreats worldwide and online.

Together let's get your yoga retreat filled up with dream clients and get your movement launched and growing!
 And bloom with love, friendships & FUN!🤩

You have everything to gain and nothing to loose!

Click the link below and JOIN in on the fun!

Your friend and
L. Farrah Furtado E RYT 500
Bend it like Buddha Yoga Algarve

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